Day 178 – Bryce Canyon Country (Part 3) and Zion Canyon Loop

Day 178 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

I suppose I haven’t mentioned people much in the last few days.  I believe there are more foreigners than Americans in southern Utah.  Germans, French, and Japanese seem to be most drawn to the natural wonders of the world.  If I had to guess, several travel agents sell a package to the Grand Canyon and the National Parks in Utah.

I also met a few fellow Texans from the Austin area at Calf Creek Recreation Area.  They opted not to take the whole hike to the falls, which was probably a good choice.  They were on a three-month sabbatical with their ultimate destination being Alaska, so I’m certain they will find more falls while on their journey.  I ran into them again in Bryce, some sixty miles away and a day later!  They commented that yesterday was the first hot day in the area and they simply felt tuckered out.  I agreed.  Being Texans we all laughed that a dry eighty degree day felt like a sauna to us.  It is just an amazing reminder of how bodies adjust to conditions over time. Continue reading “Day 178 – Bryce Canyon Country (Part 3) and Zion Canyon Loop”