From Trinidad to Havana and What Falls in Between

From Trinidad to Havana

It is our final day in Cuba. Our tour had a few stops planned for our drive from Trinidad to Havana for our last day in Cuba. Upon departing Trinidad, we drove through the Valle de los Ingenios which is a series of three valleys that was the center for sugar production from the late 18th century until the late 19th century. Continue reading “From Trinidad to Havana and What Falls in Between”

LOVED the Streets of Habana Vieja and Fusterlandia

A Walking Tour of the Streets of Havana

Our morning began at 7:15 when we walked over to the main house, which had much more charm than our apartment, for breakfast.  The owners served us a variety of fruit; bananas, papaya, passion fruit and pine apple along with eggs, tea and coffee.  The breakfast area on the roof top was quite nice, and we enjoyed a leisurely meal before Valeri our guide and Michael our bus driver picked us up at 8 to begin our exploration of La Habana Vieja. Continue reading “LOVED the Streets of Habana Vieja and Fusterlandia”

Old Car in Havana

An American in Cuba!

Traveling to Cuba

Cuba…a place I’ve wanted to go probably because it has been off limits to Americans and from what I have seen on TV, the culture seems interesting.  As such, I googled a variety of trips…cruises, dive trips and others.  I was somewhat interested in a photography trip, but I didn’t find one and instead stumbled across a vacation offered by Intrepid Travel.

While I had never heard of this travel company, I really liked the activities offered on their “people-to-people” exchange, one of the restricted ways Americans are able to travel to Cuba.  It was one of the few itineraries I found that didn’t require us to go to the University to listen to a lecture.  In addition, the trip included home stays which intrigued me. Continue reading “An American in Cuba!”