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Day 61 – West Virginia’s Midland Trail Part 2

Day 61 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

I ended up at Red Lobster last night with a pound of snow crab legs…my favorite.  I’m not much on chain restaurants, but I tell you, I’ve eaten at more chain and fast food places in the last 60 days than I have in the last several years!  Red Lobster always reminds me of childhood days.  My mom and Bart once came up with a plan for the children to try different restaurants on Monday night when my brothers Bart and Ed visited. 

Each Monday, one of us got to pick a restaurant.  Celebration and Chiquita’s were favorites until my brother Bart picked Red Lobster.  I think Ed and I picked Red Lobster the next two weeks and after a month of eating at the Red Lobster, the restaurant plan went by the wayside!