mule packed for tizi mzik summit

Summiting Tizi Mzik in the High Atlas Mountains!

On our second day in the high atlas mountains, we devoured a breakfast of eggs and bread with lots of spreads including jams, butter, and honey.  Oh, I almost forgot, also tea (and coffee).  I’ve decided it would be very hard to be gluten free here.  Bread is served with every meal.  While I’m not gluten free, bread is not allowed in my food elimination diet.   With a long day ahead of us, however, both of us needed to eat more than a few eggs, so we dug into the basket.

village in the high atlas mountains

Hiking in the High Atlas Mountains!

We began our morning with a nice breakfast at Riad Karmela.  We found a table in the corner of the courtyard and picked our favorite foods from the buffet which included a variety of breads, jams, fruits, juices, vegetables, cheese, meats and eggs.