Hike to Jenny Lake and Hungry Horse Dam

After the long drive to Doris Mountain yesterday, I was a little leery about the drive to Jenny Lake.  It is also located in the Flathead National Forest near Hungry Horse Reservoir.  Fortunately, the drive up the well graded dirt road was short and easy. The parking was limited with one other car already there. 

view from doris mountain

Hike to Doris Mountain

The hike to Doris Mountain in Flathead National Forest near Hungry Horse Reservoir was the busiest hike I have taken in the last month.  That said, I only ran into about five groups of people, and I had the top of the mountain to myself for the entire time I spent up there.

Getting to Doris Mountain

Still, for a Tuesday, it was a little more crowded than expected, especially given the drive to the trailhead.  Much of the drive is on a long, narrow dirt road that switches back and forth up the mountain.