Pounds Hollow Recreation Area, Shawnee National Forest

Day 8 – Sights in the Shawnee National Forest

Day 8 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

Cave-in-Rock State Park

We left late today…decided to finish making my blog post while I had internet.  Our first stop was in the same park where we camped, Cave-in-Rock State Park.  Does anyone want to take a guess at what we saw?  Yes, it was a cave – 160 feet deep in a limestone bluff.  I was afraid I might miss it as there were stairs everywhere, but obviously that would have been hard to do once I saw its large size.  The cave was once a hideout for river pirates after the Revolutionary War.  They would lure pioneers into the cave, take their possessions, and sometimes their lives.  Fortunately now, it’s just a tour attraction.