Things to Do in Stanley

Stanley, Idaho is a small town of 100 or so residents that balloons to thousands in the summertime.  Stanley is located in the Sawtooth Valley surrounded by 1,000 miles of wilderness.  In fact, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is the largest recreation area in the United States! Consequently, there is a substantial amount of outdoor things to do in Stanley.

annie at sawtooth lake

Hike to Sawtooth Lake

Sawtooth Lake, located in the Sawtooth National Forest, is the quintessential hike of Stanley, Idaho.  It may be reached from three different trailheads: Stanley Lake, Redfish Lake, and Iron Creek.

I believe the shortest hike to Sawtooth Lake is via the Iron Creek Trailhead, and it registers as a moderate ten miler on AllTrails.

The Iron Creek Trailhead dirt parking lot with a pit toilet is small.  It can accommodate approximately 30 cars, and by the time I arrived before 7:30 in the morning at least ten cars had beaten me to a space. 

Given I hadn’t seen many people get started before 8 to 9am most mornings, I hoped these were backpackers’ cars.  Otherwise, Annie and I would be in for a busy trail this Fourth of July.