idaho state sign challenge

State Sign Challenge: Idaho

State Sign of Idaho

After spending two weeks in Arizona, I never found the state sign.  I think the only one might be at the four corners.  Upon entering Idaho, however, I stumbled across it’s state sign after passing through Jackpot, Nevada.  Annie and I dressed up as ketchup and French fries, because of the Idaho potato, the state vegetable.  I probably should have worn my red parka to make my costume better.

bike path on sun valley road

Top Things To Do in Sun Valley

The History of Sun Valley

Sun Valley is a small city located in Blaine County, Idaho.  But the term “Sun Valley” is more widely used to describe the surrounding region including the Sun Valley Resort, the ski areas of Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain, the nearby City of Ketchum, and the Wood River Valley which extends to Hailey and Bellevue.  It became popular in the 1930’s when the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Gary Cooper frequented the area.

Prior to tourism, the area was a thriving mining and smeltering community.  After mining operations subsided, the area turned to sheep herding.  With the arrival of the railroad, the Sun Valley resort opened, and the area has been catering to tourists ever since.

I only spent a limited amount of time in Sun Valley and the surrounding area ten years ago while on a year long road trip in VANilla.  I have now returned in VANgo and really enjoyed staying in and exploring the area.


Happy Hiking: Homestead Trail

Many people have asked me how I decide where to go while on my road trip in VANgo.  Generally speaking, I’m going in search of 70 degree weather, wildflowers, and fall color in autumn.  Today, in the second week of May, I found those wildflowers at Homestead Trail.

Homestead Trail is located only 7 miles from Boise in the Boise National Forest, better known as the Boise foothills on the outskirts of the city.  The trailhead is found in a residential neighborhood.  The area very much reminded me of the foothills surrounding Golden, CO, though not as crowded.