great wall of china

The Great Wall of China…A Must See!

I was surprised I could fall asleep at all for my first night in a new time zone across the dateline, but an early morning flight and little sleep on the plane earned me six hours or so before I awoke at 4:30am.  I suppose I could have enjoyed a far less busy street at this forsaken hour, but instead I just had some coffee, eventually ordered room service since none of the coffee shops opened until 7am, and tried to entertain myself the best I could.  I found a note in my hotel that “in accordance to regulations in China, the following websites are not accessible including, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google, the New York Times, and Bloomberg.”

Fortunately, today I will be out of the city at the Great Wall.  I am very excited to see the beautiful countryside, and my guide is taking me to a less touristy area, so climbing the wall should be incredible!  I hope there will be less smog in the country too.  After my shower last night, I used a face wipe on my make-up free face which turned brown! Continue reading “The Great Wall of China…A Must See!”