Cycling in Copenhagen

Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen

The forecast called for one decent weather day. It was supposed to be today, so we rented bikes from the hotel as how could we come to Copenhagen and not ride bikes given it has been voted Best Bicycle City in the World for two consecutive years. Well, we started out on our bikes beneath black skies in a light drizzle. At first we wondered what we got ourselves into as we precariously positioned ourselves to jump on bikes made for tall Danes. Suman had to get her pedals in a perfect position, while I went with a skateboard start pushing my bike forward with one foot. Continue reading “Cycling in Copenhagen”

Countless Places to Visit in Copenhagen

Traveling to Copenhagen

Suman and I had travel karma today. We arrived at the airport to find no one at the counter, once we got over our initial nervousness that something might be wrong, we decided to wait at the counter in case Icelandair didn’t open the flight until two hours prior to departure. Within about five minutes, the agents arrived and we were first in line as a flood of people scurried in behind us. Security was uneventful which provided us plenty of time to grab dinner at Root Down located in a different terminal from which we were departing.

Icelandair is a food for purchase airline, so we brought snacks on board and snagged a bottle of water that they were providing at the entrance. At first I wondered if the plane was ever going to cool off, but once they closed the doors, not only was I not freezing like usual, I got to make the international journey with extra space. The middle seat next to me was empty! A few movies and a little reading later, we landed in Reykjavik to easily make our two-hour connection.

Another uneventful flight later, we were at the busy Copenhagen airport purchasing our train ticket into the central station known as Kobenhavn H. Though slightly challenged, we did figure out to buy a zone 3 ticket for 36 kronor and to go to track 2. Three short stops and 15 minutes later, we were walking along the wet sidewalk to our hotel. It had just finished raining. Surprisingly, we walked right by Brian and Erin who arrived on a separate flight just before us. Continue reading “Countless Places to Visit in Copenhagen”