Meridian Trail, Kenosha Pass, Ben Tyler Trail, and Estabrook

What a great week I had with friends and fall colors! On Thursday, Belinda, Tanya, and I hiked the Meridian Trail. Normally, I wouldn’t find this trail too exciting as it is an out and back path that climbs to a saddle with little view, no lake, and not much of a stream to speak of (all things I prefer on a hike), but for the fall this hike was a treat.

The trail is lined in several golden aspen groves. Occasionally we were treated to some orangy red aspens too. When we weren’t enjoying the intermittent groves that we walked through, we were admiring views along the way of green hillsides peppered with yellow and red. It was a lovely six mile hike on a gorgeous day.

On Friday, Tanya and I visited Kenosha Pass, known for its fall beauty and it didn’t disappoint. The golden hillsides were simply spectacular! I’m not sure my words or pictures could do it justice. Golden leaves floated to the soft ground in the strong wind while we stayed bundled up in the cool temperatures.

Our view from lunch on the ridge was magnificent. We hiked far enough in (a few miles) that we got to enjoy the solitude. For a Friday, the pass was quite crowded with cars parked along 285. I’m glad we made it there before the weekend!

Saturday, Erin, Brian, Mario and I hiked the Ben Tyler Trail, also known for its fall colors. This is another trail I wouldn’t normally find too exciting as it starts immediately with switchbacks up the mountain next to highway noise. But then, it weaves it way back through several aspen groves with views of a nearby hillside blanketed in fall colors.

What made the 2,500 foot climb over four miles even better was the dusting of snow near 10,500 feet. The fallen leaves in the snow was an added bonus to the lovely views. We felt lucky to hike when we did, as the aspen were already succombing to the winter weather that blew in overnight.

The cold weather also made Estabrook a little nippy! We hung out by the fire and had an awesome night…tacos and margaritas! Our final hike of the week was to the Bear’s Cave. I do it just about every time I go to Estabrook. It’s such a serene place to me! I had so much fun with my friends! ETB


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Enjoying the Fall Colors

David, Jaz, and I took a trip to Estabrook to enjoy a nice weekend with my mom and Bart. It was a very restful weekend with hardly any strenuous activity. On Saturday morning, we tested out David’s new Subaru on the logging roads around our property. We got into some narrow spots as we four-wheeled through the pine forests and aspen groves. For the afternoon, we tried out some fishing. I caught a baby brown trout and had a few more strikes, but then lost the fly the fish seemed to like! Margaritas, brisket and S’mores called our names for the evening.

Despite turning in early, 6 a.m. came too fast so we slept in and skipped hiking Evans. Instead we ventured up to Kenosha Pass to check out the aspens. Kenosha Pass is very well known for its beautiful colors. This year, some of the aspens were subject to mold from all the rain, so the leaves browned early, but we still found some lovely spots. We slipped in another hour of fishing to no avail, but still had fun taking it easy in the mountains. ETB


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Labor Day Weekend on The Colorado Trail – Segment 6

We waited until the end of school Friday to tackle segment 6 of the Colorado Trail over Labor Day weekend. Our first stop was Gold Hill to drop off the pick up car. Then we shuttled to Kenosha Pass. It was 6:45 pm before we were able to start our hike. We planned on getting 3 miles under our belts so that we only had to average 10 miles a day the rest of the weekend.

Hiking at Dusk

Our hike began in large aspen groves. We were about a week or two too early for the magnificent colors, but the leaves were beginning to turn yellow. After emerging from the aspen grove, we enjoyed a nice view of South Park at dusk before we clipped on our headlamps.

We passed two small creeks, and likely the ideal campground in the dark. A car camping group with bright lights and music were situated near the suggested camping spots, 3.1 miles into the segment, so we continued on into the valley and set up camp just as sprinkles fell. Continue reading “Labor Day Weekend on The Colorado Trail – Segment 6”

Aspen on the Colorado Trail Segment 5

The Colorado Trail – Segment 5

Since setting my goal to hike the Colorado Trail in mid-August, I’ve been able to hike the first four segments, though not in order. Today, with the help of Jim, I logged Segment 5’s 15.1 miles, so I have now completed the first 72.2 miles of the trail!

Segment 5 offers absolutely magnificent views. I thought Segment 4 was a fantastic segment to complete during the fall in order to see the changing aspen leaves, but Segment 5 may take the cake! The colorful aspens were definitely the highlight.

Continue reading “The Colorado Trail – Segment 5”