deer in the snow at mammoth cave national park

Day 90 – Bluegrass to Pennyroyal in Kentucky Part 2

Day 90 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

With the snow accumulation complete, the temperature forecast to reach the low twenties, and a few icicles on VANilla, the dogs and I spent a leisurely morning at Connie and Ron’s before venturing south to the Pennyroyal Region of Kentucky.  The three day forecast called for another wintery blast, thus with the roads in fair condition, I aimed to get ahead of the next storm.

wagon at maker's mark distillery in Kentucky

Day 89 – From Bluegrass to Pennyroyal in Kentucky

Day 89 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

I awoke to the wind swirling, snow falling, and a phone call from my Louisville hosts.  They are stuck in St.  Louis. No house for me this evening!  OK, I got a little flustered.  Countless thoughts spun through my mind.  Could I drive the roads? Could I survive the 5 degree temperature? Should I stay south and wait out the storm at Walmart?  Should I go northeast to Lexington in hopes it would hit there later or should I book it to Louisville, Kentucky and email one of my blog readers who I’ve never met and try to stay with her?