leopard in tree in pom pom

Day 6 – Botswana Safari in Sango and Pom Pom

We spent our final morning at Sango Safari Camp before flying out to Pom Pom in the Okavango Delta.  We paid for six activities, and we were supposed to have one more safari drive in Moremi Game Reserve, but the bush airlines scheduled us for an early departure. 

At first, Sango wasn’t going to provide a morning drive due to limited time.  But Mack Air and Moremi Air fly in and out of the Khwai Concession bush airport, which means there is only a runway…no buildings, no bathrooms, no control towers, no security.  So, we pretty much only needed to show up a few minutes before departure time.

As a result, I countered, “You can give us ½ a drive or return our money.”   We promptly had a drive scheduled with our awesome guide, July! 

I’m noting this for beginner safari goers because flights take place all day and passengers can be moved around (which happened when left Pom Pom for our international flight).  So be sure to notify the camp staff the day before departure so adjustments can be made. While Botswana was my fourth safari, it was my first as the organizer working with the handler and camp personnel who always go above and beyond.