Day 67 – North Georgia Highlands Part 2

Day 67 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

My pecans, cheese, and dates for dinner left me slightly hungry this morning, so I stopped at Burger King for “Free Coffee Friday” and blueberry biscuits for a dollar.  If anyone needs to know how to live on $30 a day in America, I’d be the appropriate person to ask!  The dogs and I got an early start in the North Georgia Highlands.

I wanted to make sure we got close to South Carolina by day’s end because tomorrow we get the chance to meet up with Walter, an ex-coworker. He quit before me but was more practical and lined up another job.   We’ll connect at his family’s farm in South Carolina and/or his lake house in North Carolina as they are only thirty minutes apart.  I’m pretty excited about it!