bridge of flowers in Shelburne Falls on the mohawk trail

Day 23 – Mohawk Trail of Massachusetts

Day 23 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

Wow!  I had an extremely active day sightseeing.  I covered three different states, picked up a geocache, made several stops, and got soaked in the process. Yet another dreary day!  After an excellent day on the Mohawk Trail of Massachusetts, I’m all alone in a campground blogging. It’s a little spooky by myself at this rustic spot. I’ll definitely be sleeping with my gun and bear mace tonight.

I wonder if no one is camping here due to the weather or due to its lacking facilities. I had hoped to find a campsite with electric now that I had left Vermont and was in Massachusetts. But no such luck! This is the most rural spot yet. Pit toilets only…no showers or electric. Regardless, the campground is beautiful.  Hopefully I will arise to sunshine so I can capture some photos of the three ponds Pillsbury State Park.

Anyway, back to my day on the Mohawk Trail…