church at rocky springs on the scenicnatchez trace parkway

Day 93 – Natchez Trace Parkway through Mississippi Part 3

Today I spent a leisurely morning at Mike and Deb’s house.  The forecast called for rain, so I wasn’t in a hurry to continue my drive along the scenic Natchez Trace.  I tried catching up on my daily blog, but my posts take longer and longer to complete each day. Consequently, I’m still days behind.  I thought by now, I’d be an expert writer, but I feel like I have used every word in the Thesaurus, and I’m still facing a writer’s block!  For the afternoon, I continued down the Natchez Trace, the main road between Natchez and Jackson until the Civil War, stopping at Rocky Springs, Windsor Ruins, Mount Locust, and Emerald Mound.

natchez trace parkway

Day 92 – Natchez Trace Parkway through Mississippi Part 2

This morning I awoke to freezing rain.  Frozen trickles of water stuck to VANilla’s doors!  Luckily the temperature was forecasted to warm to 40 degrees, so with a slightly delayed start, Scout, Petey, and I headed out.  Yesterday, in order to reach Wayne and Debby’s before the Mississippi State basketball game, we sped through Tupelo without touring the town.  Consequently, we returned north to visit the Tupelo National Battlefield and the Elvis Presley Park, but not before I went on a caching expedition around MSU

My ex-coworker Mary and I attempted to find a handful of caches in the rain while waiting for a meeting once.  Needless to say, in business suits, we weren’t really dressed for the occasion, it was cold, and we had a limited amount of time. As a result, we finally had to give up. It is so annoying when that happens.  I’m pleased to announce, that while it was colder and again raining, I found the magnetic cache under the bleachers at the soccer field and the tube hanging off the bridge by our hotel. YEAH!