gristmill at babcock state park on the midland trail

Day 60 – West Virginia’s Midland Trail

Day 60 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

Ok, so I couldn’t find Lucy’s last night, so I stopped by the local liquor store and asked where it was located.  The gentleman behind the register suggested if I wanted food that I should skip Lucy’s and go to the sports bar called Spare Time at the bowling alley.  Either he has a stake in the bowling alley, Lucy’s made him mad, or I ordered the wrong item. 

I’m always leery of ordering a chicken sandwich at places I haven’t been, but the bartender said they were good, so I went with the ranch chicken fillet sandwich.  I should have known fillet meant pressed chicken parts, not breast, GAG!  In their defense, the onion rings were good, and the quesadilla and wings that other patrons ordered looked tasty as well.