Park Hill Golf Club Stroll

History of the Park Hill Golf Club

The Park Hill Golf Club has a long and controversial history.  The land was originally owned by George W Clayton a prominent businessman and civic leader.  Upon his passing in 1899, most of his $2 million estate was left to the City of Denver in the form of a trust.

The trust was to fund a permanent college for poor orphaned white boys.  As a result, the city constructed a campus on Martin Luther King Blvd and Colorado Blvd. This campus served many underprivileged white boys and later expanded its support to all ethnicities who they still serve today. 

view of snowcapped mountains from Prairie Gateway Open Space

Prairie GateWay Open Space

Post knee surgery, my activities have been limited.  While I can sort of handle being cooped up in the house, Annie, my high energy Doberman cannot!  Despite hiring a dog walker and having awesome friends who have taken her on hikes, she needs to run. 

As a result, I have been scouring Google Maps for less populated Open Spaces and Parks near Denver.  Today, I found Prairie Gateway Open Space in Commerce City.  What a find!