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Favorite Lighthouses on the East Coast

During my road trip across the USA many years ago, I visited several lighthouses.  Listed below are a few of my favorite lighthouses on the East Coast.

New York

History of Sodus Point

The Sodus Bay Lighthouse is located in Sodus Point Beach Park.  Technically, it is not on the East Coast as it directs boat traffic in Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario.  Due to the surrounding area’s history, however, I could not leave it out.  And it is this history that made in one of my favorite lighthouses as I drove the Seaway Trail along Lake Ontario.


Day 14 – Rochester and Sights along the Seaway Trail

Day 14 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

I awoke with no bear sightings at Golden Hill State Park on the Seaway Trail in New York. While I sort of wanted to see one, it is likely best none visited the campgrounds as if they become a nuisance they could be euthanized.  I stopped by the lighthouse at the campgrounds once more, but the attendant wasn’t there at 9:30 am, so I didn’t get to take the tour. Oh well, I marked it off as another virtual cache and continued on the Seaway Trail to Rochester.