Day 181 – Zion Canyon Loop and Utah Byways (Part 4)

Day 181 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

After taking advantage of free wi-fi at the local Starbucks, we began the last portion of our loop drive around Zion National Park.  Highway 14 winds its way between high canyon walls streaked in delicate cascades, beneath sandstone cliffs, along stream filled meadows, past icy blue lakes, and over a 9,000 foot pass blanketed in snow covered lava.

We made a variety of stops along the way to simply take in the views.  A trucker, hauling a huge fork-lift, that had ignored the warning sign for semis to use a different route, helped influence some of my stops as I repeatedly caught up to him and the line of cars trailing him at half the posted speed limit. Continue reading “Day 181 – Zion Canyon Loop and Utah Byways (Part 4)”