dragon boat in beijing

Top Three Sites to Visit in Beijing in a Day

One Day in Beijing?  Top Three Sites to Visit

While I’d rather be out in nature, I always feel obligated when I’m in a major city to at least go to a few of the famous sites.  As such, we planned a day at the most famous sites in Beijing: the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, and the Forbidden City. 

Traffic in Beijing

I think we spent more time in the car driving in the horrific traffic than actually touring the sites, but so be it. Today, those who owned cars with license plates ending in 2 and 6 were restricted from driving.   I think they might need to add a few more to reduce the gridlock.  Or provide more free bicycles. 

There are free bicycles in about every color.  The nice part about China’s program, is they don’t have to be taken back to the station.  They can be left anywhere for the next person to use.  I find this much more convenient than the program we have in the states.  Then again, it likely works for China since Beijing is home to 23 million people.

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