Pintler Scenic Byway – Phillipsburg to Anaconda

So, I camped off the dirt road going to the Glacier Lake Trailhead for few nights while I hiked in Flathead National Forest.  I had little shade, but great cell service which was a pleasant surprise in the wilderness.  A car coming down from the Glacier Lake Trail stopped to warn me that a bear just ran by VANgo!  Ugh, I’m so sad I missed it!!  Annie growled at something, but I did not see a thing.  It’s amazing how quiet they can be.

Anyway, from Condon, I took the scenic route to Butte in Southwestern Montana.  I passed by Seeley Lake which I visited on my road trip across the USA 11 years ago and then dropped down into Drummond where I picked up the Pintler Scenic Byway.