Things to Do in Salt Lake City

About Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and its most populated city.  It was founded in 1847 by the church followers led by Brigham Young who fled the east to escape persecution.  It is now home to the world headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints. 

The immigration of church members, mining booms, and construction of the first transcontinental railroad spurred Salt Lake City’s growth.  Now Salt Lake City has developed a strong outdoor recreation industry based around skiing, and it is known for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics.


New Blog: Around Town 5280

Hello Faithful Blog Followers –

I started a new blog called Around Town 5280. It will be a blog focusing on things around the Mile High City such as the Mint, the Art Museum, Sporting Events, the Mustang Sanctuary and more.

If you want to know what’s going on in and around click the follow button. I have posted the link to the blog on the left my travel blog.

At some point I may be shifting my hiking in the Rockies to this site as well.

For a little while I’ll include my posts here too. My first post is about the Butterfly Pavilion.