Monarch Lake

Seven Hikes Near Grand Lake

I signed up for my second Trusted Housesitters gig.  This time it was much closer to home, in Grand Lake, not across the ocean in France for my farm stay.  Grand Lake, located on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, is just a 2-hour drive from Denver.

runway at the bottom of the rocks

Hiking in Saba

Hiking in Saba on Our Dive Trip

A few years ago, I heard about an island called Saba in the Caribbean that had good SCUBA diving. I mentioned it to my dive buddies Rootie and Julie, and soon we ended up on a girls’ trip diving in Saba.  I didn’t know, however, that there are a lot of opportunities for hiking in Saba.  How perfect, we turned our dive vacation into a hiking trip too!

While we spent the mornings diving, we spent many of our afternoons as well as our last day on the island exploring.  As such we got to hike many trails in Saba.