The Perimeter Trail at RMANWR

Today, in my quest to find unpopulated open spaces in Denver, I walked part of the perimeter trail at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.  I keep ending up in Commerce City as it is so close to Park Hill in Denver.

Regardless, the perimeter trail around the Arsenal is 12.4 miles, far too long for a girl with recent knee surgery.  Having explored much of the Southwest part and Southeast part of the area, I selected a portion of the trail on the Northern side of the refuge.


Prairie Basin Park

In a previous post about Northfield Pond Park, I mentioned Prairie Basin Park was located just north.  Today, I visited this area in the Northeast part of Denver near the Shops at Northfield.  Given it was a Saturday morning at 10am, I expected it to be somewhat busy as it is situated between the US Postal Service distribution center and a housing development.

Surprisingly, however, I passed less than ten people.  Perhaps, the recent snow was calling people to the mountains.  Regardless, I took advantage of the quiet morning.


Park Hill Golf Club Stroll

History of the Park Hill Golf Club

The Park Hill Golf Club has a long and controversial history.  The land was originally owned by George W Clayton a prominent businessman and civic leader.  Upon his passing in 1899, most of his $2 million estate was left to the City of Denver in the form of a trust.

The trust was to fund a permanent college for poor orphaned white boys.  As a result, the city constructed a campus on Martin Luther King Blvd and Colorado Blvd. This campus served many underprivileged white boys and later expanded its support to all ethnicities who they still serve today. 

geese at parkfield lake park

Parkfield Lake Park

This post about Parkfield Lake Park is part of my unpopulated parks in Denver series.  As I mentioned in previous articles, I’ve been visiting deserted parks in order to let my energetic dog Annie run around without bothering anyone while I am limited in walking due to knee surgery.  The dog walker and my helpful friends can only do so much.


Aurora Sports Park

In my quest to find unpopulated parks around Denver, I selected Aurora Sports Park.  I had been there previously to watch my niece’s and nephew’s soccer games and of course the sports fields were packed with people.  This summer, however, when we passed by it while riding the High Line Canal, it was empty.  As a result, I returned on a weekday morning in hopes to find a deserted park.