Six Waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula is known for its rainy weather.  Rain coupled with snow melt in the spring provides ample opportunity to admire several gushing waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula.  A good way for cascade lovers to maximize their waterfall experiences is to download the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail brochure which can be found at

The brochure highlights 24 waterfalls in seven distinct areas on the Peninsula.  In this post, I focus on some of the most easily accessible waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula.  After all, not everyone can hike miles.

As the Olympic Peninsula is so large, I have concentrated on waterfalls located on the North and East sides including the areas of Sol Duc & Northwest, Elwha & Lake Crescent, and Hood Canal.  Some of the falls are located in the Olympic National Park, which requires a fee, and some are located in the Olympic National Forest.


Things to Do on the Olympic Peninsula

After a week in Eastern Washington, I headed to the Olympic Peninsula along US-97, the Yakama Scenic.  Yes, Yakama not Yakima, so named for the Yakama Confederated Tribe of Indians.  I will have to add this stretch of beautiful scenery to my next visit in Washington. 

I already had plans to meet my friend, Tina, in the Olympic Peninsula, otherwise I might have spent a day poking around.  That said, it was absolutely pouring rain for a portion of the drive, so today wasn’t the day for sightseeing.