Day 5 – Botswana Safari in Moremi Game Reserve

Our fifth day of our Botswana safari was the most chaotic, adrenaline pumping day of safari I have ever had.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Day 3- Chobe and Khwai, when asked by our guide what I wanted to see, “I said cats and wild dogs.”

July immediately responded, “Well you won’t see the dogs.  We haven’t seen them for two weeks.  And even if you do see them, they don’t stay still long, so you will only see them for a couple of minutes.”

Well, we got word from campers that the wild dogs returned last night.  As a result, all the safari vehicles from the nearby camps were out looking for them in Moremi Game Reserve.  Lucky for us, KB, the other guide from our Sango Safari Camp, spotted them.  He radioed July with the direction the dogs were headed.