Day 237 – Travel Day

Day 237 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Well, I intended on doing some sight seeing today before heading west to Valentine, Nebraska, but I ended up slightly challenged in Sioux City.  First, I expected a city of 80,000 to have a Firestone, and I needed an oil change in the next 500 miles to keep my warranty.  No

Firestones here, so I had to adjust my route.  I still planned on making it to Nebraska, but my final destination for the evening changed to Grand Island with a pit stop in Omaha.  Of course, this required me to travel south along the flooded Missouri River which resulted in the main Interstate (I-29) to be closed in several areas and sandbagged in others…DETOUR.  I wasn’t really aware of the devastation.  The flooding here is very bad.  While I was able to stop at one overlook in Stone State Park, the other places I tried to visit in Sioux City were under water. Continue reading “Day 237 – Travel Day”

Day 231 – Great River Road (Part 2)


Mall of the America’s

Since Hastings was only about twenty miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul, I took a detour for a simple drive by as I had never been there.  I had Gina, my GPS, take me to the city hall of each town, that way I would at least get a glimpse of downtown.  I crossed over a few bridges, passed by several office buildings connected by skywalks, and even spotted a few historic churches in the mix before I ended at Mall of the America’s.  While I can’t think of anything I like about shopping, I figured I had to at least see the largest mall in America. Continue reading “Day 231 – Great River Road (Part 2)”